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Stoked to get Runners Yoked!

Stoked to get Runners Yoked!
Photo by Anastase Maragos / Unsplash

OK Dirtbags! Jake Watson, strength coach,  has put together a great  program for us runners. Details below! He has given us first dibs for the next 5 days, then he'll open it up to the wider public.

MOUNTAIN ROCKETS!  - 8 week S&C Group Training @ $200+gst

• Includes 1 x weekly in person training session @ Crossfit Canmore

• Coaching and direction from an strength coach in a setting

• Individual adaptations to the programming when needed

• Access to your programming through our online through a training app

• Access to a 2nd S&C training session available through the app

• Accessibility to access questions to the coaches through the training app

Start Date

March 28th - May 16th

Mondays 6.30pm & 7.30pm

Sign Up Form :  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ea_nJGIG-86JBaSs0Q9A62YdB-qTdIdewIwCPsxafhc/edit?usp=sharing

It will be max 12 people per session, so get signed up quickly. Jake tells me he is "Stoked to get Runners Yoked" 😂