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The Final Marathon Taper workout 😁

10 x (1 min ON, 1 min OFF).
The Final Marathon Taper workout 😁

OK Dirtbags! Tomorrow we will meet at Strides Running Store at 6PM (5:45 if you want to demo some sweet Hoka kicks! Mach 6 or Tecton 2 are on offer! Thanks Olivia Law for once again joining us!

For the workout, given that the dirt trails are still a bit iffy we are going to head out along the paved Legacy trail which I hear is bare and dry now!

The forecast looks good.

We will get in a good long warm up of around 20 mins, then it's 10 x (1 min ON, 1 min OFF).

The ON should be done a touch faster than marathon pace (around Threshold), and we'll just jog the OFF segments.

Once this short sharp workout is done, we'll head on back to the store.

Afterwards, I am sure we can find some place nearby for a beer! I am open to suggestions!

(BOSTON T-5 days 😳)