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"Worldmark by Wyndham Workout of the Week!" DBR Bow valley workout for Oct 20, 2022

"Worldmark by Wyndham Workout of the Week!" DBR Bow valley  workout for Oct 20, 2022

Dirtbags! New location alert**

Tomorrow let's meet at 6pm at the Worldmark hotel. There is ample parking in the area,  either in the Worldmark parking lot or nearby.

We are going to jog about 700m down the 3 Sister's Parkway to a gated dirt road on the R side where we'll do the workout.

Its a smooth wide dirt road, perfect for what I have in mind, which is the 5/5/5 workout that we've done a few times up on the forebay!

This is probably my favorite workout to do, with some faster flat running, some quick hill efforts and a few all out sprints to finish!

Basically its:

5 x 3 mins (2 mins est) - (we'll do 90s out, 90s back so we will all end up back at the same spot.)

5 x 30s hill sprints, walk down recovery

5 x 15s all out sprints with full recovery

Yes, this one hits all the systems!

I'm thinking a beer at the Wood would be in order once we are done! Hope everyone can make it. This is a very sociable workout, no one will get left behind, and you can go as hard or as easy as you like - we have all abilities!

Attached map if you're wondering where we'll be. I think we should be good without headlamps for one more week (just!!) and this may be your last chance to don the short shorts.

See you all tomorrow.

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