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Strides & Glides - Tomorrow's workout!

Strides & Glides - Tomorrow's workout!
Photo by Aaron Doucett / Unsplash

Dirtbags - tomorrow you can go for a hard run AND a hard ski. How fun is that!

Race starts at 6:45pm.

Join us for the annual fundraiser for the Alberta World Cup Society Duathlon.

Strides and Glides 2022, organized in collaboration with Strides Canmore.3km Running Race on Banff Trail followed by 5km Freestyle or Classic ski on Frozen Thunder.

Headlamps will be required to participate.

Solo or teams of 2 (one does the running and other does the skiing part)

Cost per participant: $25

Join us for Pizza & Beer/Pop and the Award Ceremony after the race at the Bill Warren Training Centre

(Beer $6.50, Pop $1 and Pizza $5 each).

Registration: https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=29841

Additional details at: https://www.albertaworldcup.com/strides-glides-duathlon-2022/

See you all there!