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The Up Hill Moneghetti Fartlek

2 x 90s hard (90R) 4 x 60s hard (60R) 4 x 30s hard (30R) 4 x 15s hard (15R)
The Up Hill Moneghetti Fartlek
Read more about Steve here: https://runnerstribe.com/features/steve-moneghetti-at-60-part-1-a-brief-background-and-races-1-5-of-his-10-greatest-ever-performances/

Dirtbags! It's looking like there's a bit of weather coming in, so bundle up tomorrow!

Tomorrow there just happens to be a Bill Warren Pub Night - one night only - so let's show our support!

And guess where we're running? My favorite hill ....and a workout we did exactly a year ago!

Meet 6PM at the Nordic centre - usual location in the dirt lot nearest the road.

Make it 6PM sharp or Tim Sander will be getting antsy.

We'll jog on up to the Spray Hill for the......drumroll.....

"Up Hill Moneghetti Fartlek"

We've done this one a few times on the track and on the flats but only once up hill.

It goes like this:

2 x 90s hard (90R)
4 x 60s hard (60R)
4 x 30s hard (30R)
4 x 15s hard (15R)

We won't get too far apart, and we should be fairly sheltered.

I propose we just keep going up, up, up until the end.

Hope to see you all there! Rest up!