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The Hilly Heartbeat Hustle!

4 x 45s 4 x 2 mins 4 x 1 min
The Hilly Heartbeat Hustle!

Dirtbags! Happy Valentines Day to all you Running lovers!

I came across this workout today - it's the Stryd Workout of the Week, and it's called the Hilly Heartbeat Hustle.

The name seemed somewhat appropriate for tomorrow's workout. It's a blended workout of varying intensities, similar to one we did a few weeks back.

So let's meet at the Nordic Centre 6PM. We'll jog on over to the Grassi parking lot and we'll either run on the road up from there or on the trail up to Grassi Lakes if it's in good shape.

The workout is:

4 x 45s
4 x 2 mins
4 x 1 min
(Jog down recoveries after each effort)

See you all there! 6PM tomorrow. Everyone is welcome!