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Feb 8 Workout "30/30s; 3 sets of 8

30 s HARD 30 s EASY Repeat x 8 3 sets
Feb 8 Workout "30/30s; 3 sets of 8
Let's go Niners!!!!!

Dirtbags! It's about time we hit our favorite hill again!

Let's get on the Spray Hill tomorrow for some 30/30s - remember those?

"30s hard, 30s easy" - lets go for 3 sets of 8 tomorrow!

We'll regroup after each 8 minute set.

Meet 6PM at Grassi Lakes Parking lot (the Nordic Centre may be restricted due to the XC World Cup).

We'll get in an easy 10-15 min warm up then jump into the 30/30s.

Hope to see you all there!