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The Coldest Workout of 2022!

The Hottest Race I ever did....Western States 100, 2016

Dirtbags! Following on from the theme of the last couple of weeks, we're gonna keep it moving along tomorrow, and in the interests of not freezing to death, the pace will be slow.

No sweating allowed!

So I propose setting out from the Nordic Centre, at 6pm.

Let's jog together at an easy pace out to the Grassi Lakes trailhead then up the Spray Hill to the top of the gap. Depending on time, we may extend this out to the Goat Creek parking lot, Tim Sander's so-called "Shitter Extension", then back to CNC.

Dress appropriately! This may be the coldest dirtbag session of all time!

This will also be the easiest DBR workout of all time! Hope to see a few hardy folks out there!