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Dirtbag Runners Workout for January 13, 2022

Dirtbag Runners Workout for January 13, 2022


Well unfortunately Saira and I are currently isolating due to the dreaded coronavirus, so Grant has kindly offered to lead the workout tomorrow.....so you can blame him...😂….it was all his idea.

Meet at the bottom of Benchlands terrace at 6pm.

From there you are going to do an easy 15 minute warm up jog with a few strides to get the blood pumping then it's 2 sets of 30/30s on the Silvertip hill.

So you'll go: 30s hard, 30s easy x 8

During the 30s easy, that can be a walk or a very light jog. The idea is to recover just enough to keep the intensity high (8-9/10) during the work period.

After 8 of these, you'll jog back down and regroup.

Then repeat the whole thing for a total of 2 sets.

These creep up on you; they'll feel easy to begin with but that last couple of efforts in the second set will have you gasping!

Have fun, and I'll hopefully be back next week.