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Dirtbag Runners workout for August 4, 2022 "Merten's Mash Up"

Dirtbag Runners workout for August 4, 2022 "Merten's Mash Up"

Dirtbags! Adam Mertens will be leading this awesome workout tomorrow. I'm calling this one "Merten's Mash-Up".

I'm a big fan of challenging different physiological aspects during the same workout, so this one is going to be a mix of lactate threshold and neuromuscular efforts!

Meet at the Biathlon Stadium parking lot at CNC, 6pm ***YES - different start location***.

You'll jog easily out to the Chandra Crawford warming hut, where you'll be treated to 10 x 15s hill sprints (I'll leave it to Adam to pick which hill!!). These are all out efforts, 10/10, focusing on great form,  drive the knees and arms with each stride!  There will be full walk down recovery between efforts, and these really sneak up on you.

After a few mins recovery, and with your engines suitably revved up, you'll head on back with 2 x 6 mins tempo (comfortably hard - 10km ish pace), with 2 mins jogging recovery. I'm sure BWTC will have a few refreshments for ya afterwards!