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Dirtbag Runners Bow Valley workout for June 9, 2022 **the BANFF workout**

Dirtbag Runners Bow Valley workout for June 9, 2022 **the BANFF workout**

Dirtbag Runners! Tomorrow we'll do our inaugural Banff event! This will be awesome. Details below from Banff legend Elizabeth Halleran!

"See you tomorrow, in BANFF, Dirtbags! Here is the plan: Meet outside Andrei and I's place (508 Banff Ave - map below) at 6:30pm

***note the later time to allow for the commute from Canmore***

This week's workout will combine steeps and flats for some all-around fun. To warm up, we'll jog down Banff Ave and scoot up behind the old Inns of Banff where we'll scout out a lap of our workout route, up some winding switchbacks and onto a fast, flat paved section, both about 250m long. We'll do a warmup lap and then 5 hard efforts, jogging back down between each set to recover. The workout is similar to one we did back in 2019 off of Benchlands. The idea is to hit the steep uphill effort hard, and maintain that effort as you immediately transition to the flat portion. We'll regroup and jog back down together, so this one will be nice and social. I think the whole run will only take an hour, so not a classic "Liz" long workout.

****Then, we'd like to invite you all back to our place for beer and pizza. We have a 30L keg and will need help finishing it, so please plan your travels home accordingly! Between Houda's shindig earlier this week, First49 tonight and tomorrow's workout, there is certainly no shortage of free beer for runners in the valley, now is the time to take advantage!

If you live and Banff and have been on the fence about coming out, this week is your chance to dive in.

Housekeeping things:

• Roam Transit Route 3 - Fox Street East side bus stop is right in front of our place, with departures back to Canmore at 8:17, 8:52 or 10pm

• We have an underground parking garage should you want to lock up your bike, if you plan to bike commute

• Parking is on the sidestreets near us, anything yellow below is good to go and free if spots are available, avoid the streets in red as you need a resident parking permit

• Bring something warm for after as we'll have room for everyone inside, but we'll also try to make use of our balconies"

See you all there! This will be fun!