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DBR workout for January 18, 2024 "The Rundleview Rip"

DBR workout for January 18, 2024 "The Rundleview Rip"
Frosty AF

Dirtbags! It's looking like -20 ish tomorrow at 6PM so I think we should keep in trees to minimise the exposure.

Let's meet at Quarry Lake parking lot 6PM - we'll jog up the road a bit and turn left onto the wide track that is opposite Rundleview - I think that's about as sheltered as we'll get, and we used this once in a total blizzard and it was great!

The workout will be 6 x 4 mins with 2-3 mins easy recovery.

The intensity will be moderate given the cooler temps.

So we'll do each 4 mins as a 3 min out, 1 min back then jog back to the start.

This way we'll all stay together. The trail is a gradual rolling up hill on the way out.

Clear as mud?

All will become clear tomorrow! Wrap up warm, and remember your headlamps and spikes!