DBR Bow Valley Workout Jan 19, 2023 - "CanGOLF 30/30s"

2 x 12 x 30 secs hard/30 secs easy Refreshments post run @ CanGOLF

DBR Bow Valley Workout Jan 19, 2023 - "CanGOLF 30/30s"
Photo by Courtney Cook / Unsplash

Dirtbags! Tomorrow we are going to meet at CanGOLF!

Post run they will host us with 15% off food/drinks.

We've done a couple 30/30 runs lately - initially 2 sets of 8, then 2 sets of 10. Well guess what - more 30/30s are on their way!

We'll jog on over to the bottom of Cougar Creek, then we are going to run 2 sets of 12 X 30/30s. So that's 30s hard/30s easy x 12. We'll regroup then do another set.

To mix things up we will run this as a loop. We'll start along the paved path on the North side of the highway, West to the bottom of Benchlands, then up Benchlands trail, then down Cougar Creek.

We'll regroup after set 1 and keep going until we've finished 2 sets.

After we're done we'll jog back to CanGOLF  for a bite to eat and some adult beverages!

Hopefully we'll see a few of you out tomorrow. You can get away without spikes tomorrow, unless it snows tonight!

Thanks to Kylie McKendrick for organising this.