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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday

I generally subscribe to a ‘reverse periodisation’ model for ultra training, although I hate that name, given that it seems to me that it is a perfectly periodised approach, there’s really nothing in ‘reverse’ although I digress!

I’m signed up for the Black Canyons 100km in February, so this is the ideal time, months out, to work on some of the higher intensity stuff. It’s not at all specific to the upcoming ultra, but raising the ceiling (VO2max) has the knock on effect of elevating everything else below - Lactate threshold, aerobic threshold etc. As the race approaches, I will become much more specific in terms of training - longer, slower efforts will take up more and more of my time. Less specific workouts should be integrated the furthest from the actual event using this approach. So for now, if I can get over this bloody Achilles injury, intensity (should) take precedence.

Favorite VO2max workout

Warm up: 15 - 20 mins very easy with 4 x 15s strides

5-8 x 3 mins (steady hill); 3 mins jog down rest between efforts. 8-9/10 effort

Cool down: 10 mins easy jogging