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Dirtbag Runners Bow Valley workout Feb 24, 2022

Dirtbag Runners Bow Valley workout Feb 24, 2022

Tomorrow is looking fairly balmy folks by recent standards, so let’s get in some Thursday night intensity! It’s also time for you to break out your carbon road shoes for some smooooth and dry pavement!

Meet 6pm at the bottom of benchlands beside the jump park. We’ll get in a good warm up for a few km jogging out towards Harvey Heights on the paved path. On the menu:

6 x 800m with 2 mins rest (these will be done at around 5k pace - alternating up hill and down hill)
We’ll jog back towards the start for a short recovery, then
4 x 200m with walk back down rest

I figure we’ll be done in just over an hour.

Spikes are NOT needed.
Road shoes will be fine.
Headlamp - not sure - probably bring one.

Everyone is welcome - of all abilities! Bring a friend!