Dirtbag Runner Workout for Sept 1, 2022

Dirtbag Runner Workout for Sept 1, 2022

Dirtbags! It's Thursday tomorrow and it's looking like another hot one!

I have a great workout here, one that I have modified from 'Run Like A Pro' by Matt Fitzgerald and Ben Rosario (a great read BTW) to fit our needs.

A few of us are in our final few days before we pin on numbers and head on up some darned steep climbs - Whistler Alpine Meadows is a week away - we have runners in the VK, 25km, 50km and 100 mile races, and the week after it's the Golden Ultra with a VK, 60km and 25km.

Both of these races feature monster climbs, so it's good to keep the climbing legs primed, though we don't want to induce too much fatigue at this late stage.

So here's what I have in mind!

Let's meet up at the Nordic Centre again - usual spot, 6pm. We'll get in a decent warmup - maybe a little longer than usual and head on up to the Spray Hill.

The workout will go like this:

5 x (30s easy,20s moderate, 10s hard) - no rest, a continuous 5 min effort uphill.

We'll jog back down the hill to regroup, then repeat for 2 more rounds.

So that's a total of 15 mins of uphill work, mostly at easy to moderate pace.

The short 10s hard efforts interspersed will keep your legs primed and ready for race day.

Bring some water or electrolytes, I've a feeling we may get thirsty.......and there's always Bill Warren Pub night afterward if you need some additional hydration!