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Dirtbag Runners Workout For October 6, 2022 - "TRACK is BACK"

Dirtbag Runners Workout For October 6, 2022 - "TRACK is BACK"
Photo by Nicolas Hoizey / Unsplash

Dirtbags! Track is Back, and so is Grant!

Grant Flagler will be leading the session tomorrow evening folks, back fresh and primed after his little jaunt around the Alps! Thanks Grant!

Here’s the plan - a great workout for both the Fall marathoners among you, and the trail runners or recreational runners just looking to stay in shape as we approach the end of the season, although you wouldn’t know it looking at this amazing weather!

Meet at 6pm down at the Lawrence Grassi Middle School track.

Get in a decent warm up of 5 or 6 laps jogging.

Main workout - a mix of speed and speed/endurance:

 1) 5 x (300m hard/300m jog) - aim to run each hard lap as quick as you can.
 2) 3km tempo (10 laps) - 10km pace.
 3) Finish with 5 x (150m hard/150m walk) - see what ya got left in the tank!

Grant will lead the refreshments afterwards - I hear some talk about Fergus & Bix!

Enjoy - I’ll miss you all tomorrow!