Dirtbag Runners Bow Valley workout for April 21, 2022

Dirtbag Runners Bow Valley workout for April 21, 2022
Also, Happy Birthday Dietmar!

From Heather who'll be leading tomorrow!

"Hey Gang - Covering the Dirtbags workout tomorrow night... Let’s meet in the parking lot by the traffic circle in Benchlands (6PM) and do the easy-medium-hard efforts loop around Cougar Creek.

"We’ve done this one before, but it’s been a while. Looks like this: starting from the parking lot and going clockwise, run easy (5/10) down to the first bridge, pick it up to a medium pace (7/10) to the bottom, cross the bridge, and run hard (9/10) back up to the first bridge; then easy again up to the top, across, medium effort back down to the first bridge, hard to the bottom, and so on for 45 minutes. There are three rotating paces, and four segments in the loop, so it will shift continuously. We do get spread out a bit, but we can all see each other for the duration, and people can always run in similar paced groups if they’d like.

"We’ll do a loop as a warmup so you can see what it looks like.

"The goal of this type of workout is to dial in on what “easy”, “medium”, and “hard” means to you, on varying terrain… some uphill, some downhill, and some flat. It’s good practice for those who have races coming up! Each loop is about a mile (1.6km). No spikes needed for this one.

"Afterward, we’ll head over to celebrate ourselves at Sheepdog. Andy’s going to bike over and join us for this part. 🍻"